Focus. Observe. Understand. Act. Share.

Accountable digital transformation.



The current crisis has impacted your business, and there is change to be done. Using four key steps repeatedly, each employee can utilize their skills to improve your company processes and find a new sustainable balance. With that, employee’s bonus pool is filled according to individual and overall success.



Use the opportunity for a technological step forward. Apply digital transformation to your business. Do not overhaul it and drain your resources in the process. Rather, apply lean, agile, accountable stepwise digital transformation.



Focus on the most critical part of your business process. Observe the relevant data.
Understand how this process is most efficiently improved. Act according to the obtained understanding.
Once done, share the benefits with the stakeholders that have participated in the change. This will align their goals to match the goals of your business and improve the overall success of the digital transformation. Then, find the next critical part. Rinse and repeat applying our agile corporate performance management methodology.
Is knowledge one of your bottlenecks? Hire our experts to train you grow your processes from intuition to being data driven, and learn by doing rather than memorizing.
Need to break the ice understanding the concepts? Our workshops can introduce you to relevant concepts on the content from your business processes. The workshops strive to result by framing your new project or assessing risks on your existing ones.



Our web page is a prime example of lean digital transformation. It used to feature our products and services, but we discovered that we sell them to people, not through our web page. Hence, we simplified it to the bone, and allowed it to present the experience of our expertise: contact us for more information. Some of our experiences are abstracted in the following examples. Imagine a large company running digital transformation in addition to their core business. The data is being collected, the paper is being removed from offices, the efficiency is in bloom. Everyone should be happy, but the employees are stressed out.
Why? Introducing new concepts, tools and processes, the digitalization projects forgot to account for the effort that is required from employees in addition to the regular work for the digital transformation to be implemented. With lean, agile, accountable digital transformation by DataBitLab, we aid you towards success while making sure to avoid the risks.

Imagine another company who assessed the digital transformation does not pay out and ignored the new technological opportunities.
What happened? The competitors who used data driven pricing policies were able to nibble out their clients one after another. Finally, a competitor bought the remains of the company and imposed his optimized processes onto the remains of a once flourishing business. Data can sustain growth, if it is used with the correct focus, precise observations, in-depth understanding, and is followed by action, implementation.

Finally, imagine a company in which projects are monitored from pre-sales to closure. Resource usage is monitored but not to bully the tired ones who have to rest, rather for each employee to guide his own attention to opportunities where (s)he can excell best. Survival is guaranteed for each participant in the business process. But awards are incentivizing each one to excel in what they do best, seizing the observed opportunities and avoiding threats. The company grows using the data to optimize its use of resources. Applying lean, agile, accountable digital transformation, this can be your company.



Each resource your company uses, material, human, or financial, is both an opportunity and a limitation, a constraint. By focusing on active constraints, we use your attention to enable growth where effect will be most immediate. However, focus may distract you from other relevant aspects of your business. This is why we developed anthropocentric risk monitoring and management process to promote. Finally, are there too many new concepts imposed upon your existing business processes with the digital transformation? We are aware of conceptual overload and offer ontological optimization as the remedy that tailors the general methodology to your company's specific needs.

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